Counterchange II, B-flat clarinet and prepared piano, 1999,  6:40

7 Line Drawings, B-flat clarinet (nos. 6 and 7 are for B-flat bass clarinet), 1993; 12:07. Media Press.  Recorded on the CD, Outcrops and Upshots.

     For recordings and score excerpts of movements 2, 3, and 6, click here.

Ornaments, for solo clarinet, 1989; 2:50. Published in Etudes for the Twenty-First Century Clarinetist, A Festschrift for Barney Childs, performed and compiled by Phillip Rehfeldt.

Job 22:28, for two B-flat clarinets (1978; 14:00). Seesaw Music. Recorded by Phillip Rehfeldt and Martin Walker on “Redlands Music for Clarinet,” Zanja Records ZP-2.

After Dubuffet’s ‘Limbour as a Crustacean,’ B-flat clarinet and percussion (one player: snare, 3 tom-toms, marimba). (1979; 13:00). For a recording of movement II (clarinet with snare), click here.

Buffalo Bill, for B-flat clarinet, friend (piano and spoken poetry), and tape (poem by e e cummings), 1978; 14:30, for Phillip Rehfeldt and Barney Childs

Three Pieces for B-flat Clarinet and Piano, 1977 (available separately or as a set).

    Sargasso (7:40)

    Norwich Chorale (7:00)

    Arabesque (7:00)

My Lady Hunsdon’s Pavane, B-flat clarinet duo (1975; 4:15).


Dark Zephyrs, flute and piano, 2007, 5:00, composer

    Click here to listen to the piece and view page 1 from the score.

Tributaries, flute and piano, 1999, 15:15

Escaped Exotics, solo flute, 1985, 11:00

A Common Chase, flute and marimba, 1980, 8:15

Echo and Narcissus, flute and piano, 1980, 6:00

Prelude and Fugue, solo flute, 1974, 6:00

French horn, tuba, mixed chamber winds

Bible Bestiary, tuba and speaker (poems by Roger Pierce) 1997, 6:00:

    Sparrow, Cockroach.

Dialogues for Horn and Cello, 1996, 11:25

Never No Summer, Two Movements for Five Winds, flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, trombone, 1985, 10:00, for the New Music Ensemble of University of Redlands, Barney Childs, Director

Oboe, English Horn, Alto Saxophone

Song and Dance, oboe and piano, 1997, 9:00

Suite for English Horn and Piano, 1996; 9:14, rev. 2000


Suite for Alto Saxophone and Piano, 1999. Recorded on Vol. VI of America’s Millenial Tribute to Adolphe Sax, AUR-CD3115, Susan Olson, saxophone, Alexandra Pierce, piano.

Set of Three, oboe and piano, 1995, 7:00. Arsis Press and Sisra Publications.

Calliope Dances, oboe and piano, 1991, 10:52. Included on the CD, Outcrops and Upshots, Click here to listen to the Gigue (movement I) and view pages 1-2 from the score.