Voice (Solo)


To Rumi, soprano and piano (poem by Robert S. Hatten), 2008, 4:30

Sheep, low voice and piano (poem by Robert Francis), 2002, 2:00

The Phantom Horsewoman, speaker and piano (poem by Thomas Hardy), 2000, 6:00. Composer.

Bible Bestiary: Sparrow & Cockroach, speaker and tuba (poems by Roger Pierce), 1997, 7:00 (arr. for speaker and piano, 2001).

Psalm 100, soprano and piano (King James trans.), 1993, 5:00 (also published for low voice and piano). Arsis Press and Sisra Publications, Washington, D.C.

Four Songs on Poems by Christina Rossetti and Emily Dickinson, low voice and piano, 1993, 15:00 (the three Dickinson songs are also arr. for low voice and harp, 9:00)

Settings of Poems by William Blake, unaccompanied voice, 1990, 20:00. Two are recorded on the CD Spring and Fall. For audio recording of The Sick Rose and The Poison Tree, click here.

Barbr’y Allen, low voice and piano; freely based on the traditional text and tune, 1992, 9:30

Spring and Fall: To a Young Child, low voice and piano (poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins), 1985, 7:00. Recorded on AUR-CD3102.

Green Grow the Rashes, low voice and piano (poem by Robert Burns), 1987, 6:30

Four Songs on Poems of James Joyce, 1983, 18:00. Recorded on AUR-CD3102.

    For audio sample and score, click here.