Traces in Movement

for Violin, Piano, and Percussion

1993, 9:00


Movement 2, “Romp” (00:38)

The Fuchs-Long Duo

Richard Fuchs, Violin and Louanne Long, Piano


Grey Barrier, Percussion

Traces in Movement

for Violin, Piano, and Percussion

The invisible imprint of a soul’s passage after death: a suggestive remnant of the crossing, seen only afterward, like an animal track.

Transitus is a struggle of passage interrupted by a short final Romp. Cantilena is a song of peace in transit. Fanfare announces the dissonant exhilaration of arrival.

Violin and piano converse, with percussion accenting and giving shades of character. Percussion also colors sections of the piece, moving from membranes then wood (tenor and snare drums, wood block) in the first movement, to metal (small and large triangles, tambourine) in the second movement, and back in the third movement to membranes then wood (snare drum, temple blocks and xylophone).