Seven Line Drawings

for Solo B-flat Clarinet and B-flat Bass Clarinet


What is the connection between me and our little dog, Murphy? Affectionate, yet apparently remote. Reachings out don’t quite arrive. Though clearly etched, they are not quite recognized by the other. These seven pieces for clarinet place in audible view at least my side of the equation. The line drawings of Picasso’s Vollard Suite were suggestive: feelingful outlines of character imply density and mass, even though the shapes are empty.

(Movements VI and VII are for Bass Clarinet.)

I        Musing—with rough intrusions         1:25

II       small talk                                             1:45

III     Droll: a quick-step in 5/4                    1:00

IV     Urging—and yearning                         2.45

V       Tender—yet impetuous                       1:20

VI      Meditative (freely rubato)                   1:55

VII     Jaunty, with sharp contrasts              2:15 

Movement 2

small talk

Movement 3

Droll: a quick-step in 5/4

Movement 6

Meditative (freely rubato)